Yellow-throated Warbler

Photo by Jack Chiles

Yellow-throated Warbler - Grayson Co., July 7, 2017

Photo by Chad Craddock

Yellow-throated Warbler - Rains Co., June 18, 2018

Photo by John Allendorf

Yellow-throated Warbler - Tarrant Co., April 2, 2017

Photo by Darlene Moore

Yellow-throated Warbler - Fannin Co., July 8, 2012

Photo by Peter Assman

Yellow-throated Warbler - Bob Woodruff Park, Collin Co., August 27, 2011

Photo by Matt White

A small, but apparently healthy, population of Yellow-throated Warblers breeds in several old planted stands of pine on the Caddo National Grasslands in northeast Fannin County. This singing, territorial male was photographed there in late March 2003. Notice the white lores, characteristic of the race Dendroica dominica albilora, which breeds in the western portions of the species range. A disjunct population of Pine Warblers also breed here, well away from the species main east Texas breeding range.