Tricolored Heron

Photo by John Allendorf

Tricolored Heron - Tarrant Co., May 7, 2017

Photo by Geryl Mortensen

Tricolored Heron - Dallas Co., May 19, 2012

Photo by Kaustubh Deshpande

Tricolored Heron - Dallas County, June 11, 2010

Photo by Jared Hersh

Tricolored Heron - the UT Southwestern Rookery, Dallas County

April 24th, 2009

Photo by Jack Chiles

Tricolored Heron - Grayson Co., July 1, 2008

Photos by Daniel S. H. Lim

Tricolored Heron - This Tricolored Heron picture was taken at the UT Southwest Medical Center rookery, Dallas County in 2006.

Photo by Betsy Baker

Tri-colored Heron - Southwest Medical Center, Dallas Co., June 8, 2003

Photo by Betsy Baker

Tri-colored Heron chicks- SW Medical Center, Dallas Co., June 8, 2003

This species was recorded as a nesting bird in the NC-Texas area (barely) in the early eighties on Cedar Creek Lake (Kaufman\Henderson cos.). There was a Tri-colored Heron seen on a nest at heron rookery in Dallas County in 1990, but it was never known if chicks hatched. The chicks in this picture represent the second confirmed nesting record for the area north of Kaufman County and the first with confirmed hatched young.

Photo by Ken Nanney

Tricolored Heron. April 28, 1978. Brazos River below Morris Shepard Dam. Palo Pinto County. Rare sighting for the western counties