Accepting Photos

Accepting Photos

From 2012 forward, I will accept most pictures of review species, and birds of accidental, casual, and rare occurrence based on the checklist status published here... as long as the birds are identifiable.

All birds of common to uncommon status will be added if they 1. are not currently represented, 2. need to be upgraded, 3. are birds out of season or outside typical parameters, 4. are female representatives which have educational value of that species, or 5. have some unique plumage characteristic in the said photograph.

Most Wanted Species

My "Most Wanted" photo documentation list for North-central Texas: Black Phoebe, Hutton's Vireo, Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay, Bachman's Sparrow, and, in general, all out-of-range species conditional to the location in which the photo was taken. All submissions must be taken in North-central Texas with precise date and county.

I am particularly concerned with birds that may be hard to photograph (Chuck-will's-widow) or birds whose occurrence is very rare or highly localized in this area (MacGillivray's Warbler). Naturally, I am eager for any "improvements" to the existing photos (i.e., Scaled Quail, Mountain Plover). By improvement, I don't mean artistically as much as I mean photos that show more diagnostic features.

Really poor photos are entirely acceptable if they show diagnostic features for that species or remain the only documentation of really rare birds. I point to Martin Reid's picture of "Eurasian" Teal on this website. Martin knew in advance it was a poor quality photograph, but that wasn't the point of submitting it. Eurasian Teal is a subspecies that is both extremely rare and can be confused in the field with typical Green-wingeds. This picture shows diagnostic features that make it valuable.

Finally, any record of out of season or out of place birds are noteworthy. I welcome all "unexpected" types of photo records or pictures of possible hybrid species as long as they are within the North-central Texas boundaries as outlined here.

Written observations of rare birds are welcome as 'informative" and I do post them, but this is not the place to post text-only reports as they won't get archived. I recommend written submission to eBird as the best way to archive sightings.

Jim Peterson