Checklist information

Warren Pulich's original 1988 publication Birds of North-Central Texas, included 385 species from the study area. The original checklist includes three species that have since been split since 1988 - Tufted Titmouse, Rufous-sided Towhee, and Northern Oriole. The original three birds are now split into six species: Black-crested and Tufted Titmouse, Eastern and Spotted Towhee, and Baltimore and Bulloch's Oriole. The original list also included one species, Black-billed Magpie, that has since been reviewed for the area (2017) and taken off the list based on questions of provenance. Technically then, Pulich's checklist includes 387 current species since all of these subsequent splits were commonly observed at the time of the original work, minus the Black-billed Magpie.

Since 1988, a total of 66 new species have been added to Pulich's original list of North-central Texas birds. The checklist on this site totals 453 species. As of July of 2020, over 430 of these birds have been photographed in North-central Texas (over 95%).