Lewis' Woodpecker

Photos Pending

Non-digitized photographs on file at Texas A&M University (TPRF #623 and #1089)

Lewis' Woodpecker (Melanerpes lewis) - One was photographed in Richardson, Collin Co., during its stay 6 April - 2 May 1992 (AV, JP, MP, MR; 1992-62, TPRF #1089).

One (1988-115, TPRF #623) in Ft. Worth, Tarrant from 17 January until 13 April 1988 (KKe, IK, CH, AW, RDC).

These two records of Lewis' Woodpecker were reviewed by the TBRC and the photos archived at Texas A&M University. However, Lewis' Woodpecker has since been taken off the Review List.