Glaucous Gull

Photo by Chris Runk

Glaucous Gull - Dallas Co., White Rock Lake, January 2, 2018

Photo by John Allendorf

Glaucous Gull - Tarrant Co., May 22, 2015

Photo by Chris Runk

Glaucous Gull - Dallas Co., January 13, 2015

Photo by Rick Folkening

Glaucous Gull - Wichita Co., January 4, 2013

Photo by Darlene Moore

Glaucous Gull - Wichita Co., February 19, 2012

Photo by Greg Cook

Glaucous Gull - January, 18, 2009, Rockwall County

Photo by Brian Gibbons

Glaucous Gull - Lake Tawakoni, November 29-30, 1997. This bird provided a first record for the lake. Initially discovered in Rains County near the Sabine River Authority Headquarters, it was photographed the following day near the Old Van Zandt County Park in that county.

Reviewed records by the TBRC for North-central Texas since 1988

Glaucous Gull - One first-year bird was photographed at Lake Texoma, Grayson during its stay 21 March - 9 April 1993 (RR, JW, LL, PS; 1993- 58, TPRF #1161).

Glaucous Gull has been removed from the Review List (1999?)