Lesser Nighthawk

Photo by Martin Reid

Lesser Nighthawk - Tarrant Co., August 14, 2003. Lesser Nighthawk is easily confused with Common Nighthawk in the field. Pulich had this species as a "Bird of Uncertain Occurrence" in his 1988 publication. While observations had been reported prior to the publication, Pulich was never comfortable that the species was properly identified. Hence, it was never added to the official list at that time.

This particular photograph by Martin Reid in 2003, was originally thought to be a Common Nighthawk. Years later, Martin thought it possible he may have misidentified the species. He had the photograph reviewed thoroughly by others, some outside the TBRC, with the conclusion that it was a Lesser Nighthawk.

A second eBird record was thoroughly described on July 19, 2015, in Baylor County by an observer familiar with the species.