Birds of Special Status in North-central Texas

Documentation Needed

Data on Review Species will be handled separately as they can be found on the TBRC website. All Review Species outlined by the TBRC require documentation for acceptance. Birds included in this list are not Review Species, but are quite unusual for North-central Texas. We seek information on the following birds. Any documentation (date, county, description, photos/recordings, etc.) would be helpful in order to help ascertain the status of these birds.

1. = Colonies change year-to-year

2. = May be changing its range within study area

3. = Rare or unusual except on fringes of area

4. = Few sightings and\or bird easily misidentified

5. = Scattered sightings\status poorly understood

6. = Nesting localized, extremely unusual, or unknown in area

7. = Highly localized in general

NC Texas Rarities