About the Attachments Below

1. "About Texas Birds" from Texas Parks and Wildlife. This document is an introductory lesson specific to Texas birds and ornithology in general.

2. "BirdMigrationTexas" is an extensive Texas Parks and Wildlife document on all aspects of bird migration in Texas from Texas Parks and Wildlife. Very informative.

3. "Birding Grayson County" is a PDF document created by Thomas Riecke explaining the bird areas in Grayson County, including Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge and Denison Dam.

4. & 5. "Document1" and "Document2" below are birds that should require some special documentation for North-central Texas. Edited by Jim Peterson and Martin Reid.

6. "WRLbirds" is a checklist of the birds of White Rock Lake.

The bottom two downloads are of bird checklists specific to different ecological regions from Texas Parks and Wildlife. These two checklists concern North-central Texas.

7. & 8. Included is (1) a bar-graph checklist of birds from the "High Plains" which includes this area's most far reaching western counties - Throckmorton, Haskell, etc. (2) A bar-graph checklist of the birds of the "Oaks and Prairies" which includes most of the area east of Parker and Wise counties