Resources 2018-2019


Included North-central Texas resources for 2018-2019 are several papers (Peterson) on buteo hawk identification, gull identification (Peterson and Runk), waterfowl identification, Sparrow Identification, Oriole Identification, mixed feeding flocks, and a status update on local rarities. All of these papers are specific to this region of Texas. Also included are previously published papers on "Tricky Finches" from Cornell, Willet identification from the ABA (O'Brien), Dowitchers (Cin-Ty-Lee), an article on Harlan's Hawk (Clark), and illustrations of bird topography. Outside links to Accipiters and Meadowlarks are near the bottom of this page.


Buteo Identification


Gull Identification in NCTX

Waterfowl Identification.pdf

Waterfowl Identification

Sparrow Identification-V2.pdf

Sparrow Identification

Non-adult eastern orioles (1).pdf

Non-Adult Eastern Orioles

Mixed Feeding Flocks.pdf

Mixed Feeding Flocks

Feather Groupings


Finch Identification - Cornell

Willet (Eastern and Western) (1).pdf

Willets - Michael O'Brien


Dowitchers - Cin-Ty-Lee


Harlan's Hawk - Bill Clark

Local Rarities -A.doc

Local Rarities A

Local Rarities -B.doc

Local Rarities B

Outside Links