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Whooping Crane

Photo by Rel Lipscomb

Whooping Crane - Ellis Co., May 4, 2016

Photo by Geryl Mortensen

Whooping Crane - Dallas Co. May 2, 2013. Same birds as the Dallas Co. images below. Both birds have GPS transceivers and the female also has a VHS transceiver. 

Whooping Crane 1 (confirmed 2012 juvenile female): L= yellow/blue, R=red/blue. 
Whooping Crane 2 (confirmed 2012 juvenile male) L=yellow/blue, R=red/blue/yellow [GM].

Photo by Ed Wetzel

Whooping Crane - Dallas Co., (Wynne-Joyce Park, Lake Ray Hubbard)  April 29, 2013.

Photo by Chris Runk

Whooping Crane - Dallas Co., (Wynne-Joyce Park, Lake Ray Hubbard) April 28, 2013.

Photo by Robert Stone

Whooping Cranes - December 17, 2007, Hagerman NWR, Grayson County

Photos by Ray Chancellor

Whooping Cranes, November 10, 2006. Casual migrant for North-central Texas

Photo by Phil Henderson

Whooping Cranes at Deussendale Ranch, Denton County, November 16, 2003.
The smaller bird on the far right is a Great Egret