Inaugural Cedar Hill Christmas Count

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The Inaugural Cedar Hill Christmas Count - January 1, 2013

Group Countdown, Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center

Photo by Annika Lindquist

C. Ridge Preserve - J. Peterson

Marsh Wren - Annika Lindquist

Covering Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, Joe Pool Lake, parts of Mountain Creek Lake, and Cedar Ridge Preserve.


There was actually a Cedar Hill Christmas Count beginning in December 22, 1990. However, that count had a very different center, so this 2013 Cedar Hill Count is an inaugural count.

That 1990 Cedar Hill Count was done in 15 degree weather with blowing snow and wind chills well below zero. There were 88 species on that count. The 1991-1992 Cedar Hill Count was not done because of dangerous flooding conditions in the area during that week. The CH Count returned in January of 1993, and had 105 species that year. It was not done after that.

Currently, the 2013 Count is at 102 species for Count Day and 104 for Count Week.

Compiler: Tania Homayoun

Cedar Hill CBC species list below as PDF file