2018 Calendar

2018 Master Birder Program

Calendar of Classes and Field Trips

All classes will be head at Trinity River Audubon Center (TRAC) on Saturday mornings

Classes will be 8 – 10 am unless otherwise noted

TRAC is open on Saturday for early morning birding at 7 am before class;

September 22 Orientation and first class (begins at 8:30 am)

October 6 second class (migration)

October 27 field trip

Field Trip -Trinity Bird Count Area 7 Joppa Preserve (Janie Henderson, Ben Sandifer, Carrie Robinson) - eBird Checklist (Susan Kosoris)

November 10 third class (waterfowl and raptors)

November 17 field trip

Field Trip - Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge (Carrie Steingruber and Chuck Carlson)

December 1 fourth class (gulls)

December 1st and one morning that next week at WRL spillway studying gulls, (Chris Runk)

January 19 fifth class (wintering passerines)

February 2 field trip

Field Trip - Trinity Bird Count Area 5 Chain of Wetlands (Jane Ramberg)

February 16 sixth class and field trip (similar species)

February 16

Field Trip - after class at TRAC (class and field trip are on the same day)

March 2 seventh class (warblers)

March 23 field trip

Mineola Nature Preserve -(To be announced)

April 6 eighth class (shorebirds)

April 25 and 26; field trip

Depart 4/27 about noon High Island (overnight)

May 4 ninth class

(TRAC closed for AT&T Byron Nelson from May 11-19, 2019)

May 25 graduation